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New Level Hydroponics

VIVOSUN 330 GPH Water Transfer Utility Pump 115V 1/10HP with Water Hose Kit, Impeller and Gasket

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Small Frame & Strong Power: The VIVOSUN utility pump is manufactured in aluminium for lighter weight and compactness, operates on 115 volts and is capable of pumping 330 gallons of water per hour to a height of 39 ft. Easy to Install: Open the package and store your new utility pump in a safe, dry place; Fill water in the pump head, connect the hose, plug it in, and it's ready to pump; Start to drain the water out of any container or simply water your lawn and garden Quality Materials: Made from a robust zinc alloy pump head that is resistant to wear and tear and will not rust in this century; With high quality PVC hose, the VIVOSUN utility pump is guaranteed to last for years Multiple Applications: Use this transfer pump whenever you need to remove or replace water in any area, no matter how hard to reach; VIVOSUN's water transfer utility pump is perfect for aquariums, outdoor ponds, swimming pools, garden, basement leaks and floods, flushing tankless water heaters Replacement Parts Included: We've included an extra suction hose, filter, impeller and washer for your convenience; Comes with a handle to make this pump easy to carry to where you need it