Why choose New Level Hydroponics over the competition?

There are 3 problems most people face when trying to grow with deep water culture setups, mixing nutrients, monitoring water levels, and performing water changes.  Most nutrient companies, provide the user with a step by step guide to mixing, some even give you specific recipes for mixing specific amounts of water.  Add to this, a simple PH and PPM meter and you are on your way.

Most of the competition use side mount water level tubes on their containers.  These are great, but what they don't tell the user is that over time there is a very good chance that they will begin to leak.   No matter the color of the tube used, algae will grow over time inside, making  your levels very hard too see.  Here at NLH, we believe that our upright visual water level meters solve this problem.  No more worries about leaking buckets, no dirty tubes to clean.  Never bend over again to see where your levels are.  Our meters can been seen through the window of your tent, or as soon as you walk into your grow room.    

The third, and most important part is water changes.  In order to keep your plants as healthy as possible, water changes are a must.(about once every 2 weeks),  As your plants grow, they may pull more of one nutrient out of the water than another.  If you were to keep adding water to the system from a reservoir setup, at some point you may have levels of one or more nutrients increase to the point where they become toxic to your plant.  Our system makes water changes a snap.

Our system was designed for large grows with over a 1000 plants.  NLH grow lids come from the factory with a 90 degree pressed-in female hose fitting.  We provide you with an optional pipe that can be pressed in under the 90 degree fitting.  Now the user has plumbing in the bucket to allow for water changes.  In our home kits, we provide the user with a simple sink venturi pump, add some basic garden hoses and you can now remove the water from the buckets right into you sink by turning you faucet on. Bucket to bucket changes are a thing of the past with our system. Optionally, you can substitute the venturi pump with an inline electric water pump, and pump out you multi-bucket system in seconds.  Just add a pre-mixed nutrient reservoir, and you are on the way to having a professional style system.  

It is our mission, to provide our customers with professional solutions to common problems with Deep Water Culture growing.