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Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer G3000 Bar Style LED Grow Lights 300W with 896 Pcs Diodes 3x3ft Coverage Full Spectrum Dimmable Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants

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Brand: Spider Farmer


  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND UNIFORM LIGHT: The Spider Farmer G3000 led grow light has a unique extended light bar design that provides more uniform and comprehensive canopy coverage, especially at the edges of the cultivation area. With 896 Pcs high efficiency diodes, the G3000 LED grow light is able to obtain 300 watts of power with 824 umol/s,, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.75umol/J, covering 3x3 feet of plant growth throughout the cycle.
  • ADVANCED FULL SPECTRUM: The G3000 plant light is a full spectrum LED grow light (3200-4200K,4800-5000K,660-665nm) with different wavelengths of light, it generates most closely resembles natural sunlight, not only improve the output of your crops, but will also increase the quality of your buds, perfect for every stage of plant growth, from seed to harvest.
  • DIMMING DAISY CHAIN: Dimming button allows to adjust the brightness of the light, 10-100% dimming to meet the needs of plant growth. Also daisy chain function supports growers to connect 60 lights for dimming at the same time. Highly recommended for use in grow rooms, home growing (3x3 grow tent), DWC and hydroponics.
  • FAST COOLING & DETACHABLE DRIVER: The bar style grow light design and aluminum heat sink on the back benefit air circulation and fast heat dissipation. And the removable driver and 8.5-foot power cord extend the life of the grow light by reducing ambient heat in the grow space. The waterproof coating on the LED diodes protects the G3000 from safe operation in wet conditions.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: High quality products and attentive after-sales service create the irreplaceable Spider Farmer LED grow lights. 5 years of after-sales service is provided for the G series grow lights, and any problems within five years can be repaired at your local repair center (USA/Canada/UK/Germany). Make sure you buy Spider Farmer grow lights through official channels for a truly high quality grow light. Please feel free to contact us about product problems and we will help you solve them.

model number: G3000

Part Number: Spider Farmer G300W

Details: spider farmer G300w LED grow light

Package Dimensions: 25.6 x 11.3 x 6.7 inches