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Seaworks Boat Winterizer Gravity Motor Cleaning Kit - Gravity Flow System DIY Winter Preparation Solution for Marine Engines - For Inboard and Outboard Engines

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Brand: Seaworks


  • Seaworks Boat Winterizer flow system flushes, prepares and protects your boat engine for winter storage. Compatible for inboard and outboard engines.
  • Kit includes: antifreeze tank with on/off valve, T-Connector, shutoff valve, braided hose with fittings.
  • Fittings designed for uninterrupted antifreeze flow to your engines, cleans impurities and enhances engine performance. Use at regular intervals to improve engine life expectancy.
  • Antifreeze(not included) and flusher (not included) required to operate kit, 5-gallons of compatible antifreeze required for boat winterization. Do not use an antifreeze with a burst protection level of less than -50°F.
  • For front engine mounted raw water pumps (including most Volvos and inboards) a Front Engine Pump adapter (not included) is needed to connect directly to the suction side of the raw water pump. Do not attempt to to connect directly to the suction side of the raw water pump. Do not attempt to winterize a front engine mounted raw water pump system using this method.

Part Number: SEA1-1009

Details: The SeaWorks Boat Winterizer Kit uses fresh water to flush the raw water-cooling system of impurities and particles while allowing the engine to reach an optimal operating temperature in preparation for winterization. The cooling system thermostat controls the flow of coolant through the engine block while regulating operating temperature. The engine must reach operating temperature to ensure that the thermostat is in the open position, allowing a flow through the engine block. Once operating temperature is reached and time allowed for flushing of impurities from the engine with fresh water, the fresh water supply is replaced with antifreeze to winterize the engine for storage. For additional protection, the thermostat may be removed.

EAN: 0840140395952

Package Dimensions: 15.5 x 14.5 x 10.2 inches