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MARS HYDRO 4 Inch Inline Fan and Filter, with Temperature and Humidity Controller, and 25 Feet Ducting, Exhaust Fan for Grow Tents, Hydroponics

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Color: Black


  • CARBON FILTER FAN COMBO: 4-inch inline duct fan with digital controller, 4-inch carbon filter, 25ft length flex ducting, 3 duct clamps. MARS HYDRO's complete ventilation system provides adequate ventilation and prevents odors in your tent or grow room.
  • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY CONTROL- The digital controller with Intelligent temperature humidity controller programming, fan speed control, timer, and alarm functions. Monitor temperature and humidity in real-time, ensuring optimal growing conditions.
  • POWERFUL INLINE FAN: MARS HYDRO inline duct fan housing is made of durable plastic, and the fan blades have a mixed flow design to provide active air to your growing space, the fan runs at 2550 RPM and provides 205CFM of airflow.
  • FLEX DUCTING AND CLAMPS - Flexible ducting made of high-quality double-layer Aluminum film, prevent the duct from tearing, and prolong the service life. 360-degree arbitrary bending, smooth exhaust, easy to install. Includes 3 duct clamps.
  • SUPERIOR ACTIVATED CARBON - Made of imported 1050+ Virgin Australian activated charcoal, delivering 100% filtered airflow, which provides better absorption and removes odor efficiently. Includes a machine washable pre-filter cloth to prevent carbon residue.

model number: 4 inch inline fan kit-CP

Part Number: 4 inch inline fan kit-CP

Details: MARS HYDRO 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan 4” Ventilation Exhaust Fan with Speed Controller for Grow Tents, Heating Cooling Booster, Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan 4" Carbon Filter Combo Ventilation

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 14.2 x 13.6 inches