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New Level Hydroponics

Venturi Sink Pump

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This is a simple Venturi pump.  It is commonly used to drain or fill aquariums, water systems, etc.  We designed our DWC systems with the ability to be hooked up to your sink with these pumps.

The item has a 3/4 inch female thread at the top and a 3/4 inch male thread at the side. The base of the pump is a simple on or off twist attachment. Twist one way to fill - twist the other way and pull downwards to drain. If required the base can be simply removed.

When draining your bucket this needs to be attached to a tap with flowing water. The water falls into the sink or a drain. This causes suction at the side pipe. A hose can be connected to the side pipe and be used to drain the water from your system..  The more water flow from the faucet, the more suction from the Venturi.