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New Level Hydroponics

SET OF 15 bucket grow lids with built in water level meter - 5 GALLON

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 The New Level Hydro advanced bucket basket lid featuring our patent pending built in water level meter.  Great for all bucket hydroponic applications as the mesh pot creates ample aeration for root development. In addition, the black opaque plastic will keep light out, thus preventing algae from growing in your system. This lid has a standard 6 inch pot.   This is the only grow lid on the market today, that enables the grower too easily see the water levels in the bucket via the upright water level meter.  This is a great upgrade for those growers that might have a system that does not have sight tubes on each bucket.  Now you can walk into your grow room, and at a glance see where your levels are. This top also has a opening with cap for easy access to your bucket to add nutrients, take ph samples, etc.   Another feature is our 90 degree press in female water hose fitting, which allows users the option to hook up there bucket direct to a hose for easy filling. If your tired of leaky, dirty, hard to read sight tubes on your buckets,  the New LEVEL Hydro grow lid was designed for you.