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New Level Hydroponics

32w 950 GPH O2 Commercial Air Pump with 6 port manifold for hydroponics

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1. Powerful electromagnetic motor provide reliable output for air diffusion devices;
2. Electrical magnetic air compressor in a high-quality aluminum alloy case, wear and tear resistant material for cylinder and piston
3. Ideal for running several water farms or multiple air stones at once
4. Non-oil lubricating design to produce purer compressed air. Perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other high-pressure /high-flow devices
5. Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems
32W Air Pump
Material: Alloy Aluminum (Shell) + Copper (Outlet Nozzle)
Size: 6.7"x3.8"x4.5"
Motor Energy: 950 gallons/h
Wattage: 32W
Outlet Divider: 6 outlets