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New Level Hydroponics

2 BUCKET DWC VENTURI DRIP SYSTEM - 5 gallon (with pump guard)

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2 BUCKET DWC VENTURI DRIP SYSTEM -  5 gallon    Yes that's right, you get the superior growth of deep water culture with the benefits of drip irrigation.  Great for young plants.  We use a 2 outlet submersible venturi water pump.  One side of the pump pulls in air via a venturi, creating a jacuzzi of bubbles for your plant.  The other outlet runs a small amount of water up to a drip ring.  You will be able to keep your water levels a bit lower than other DWC systems because of the drip.  Thus providing the ultimate aeration of your plants roots, with the super-fast growth of DWC.  This system is ultra quiet, great for those discreet growers. 

Have a sink near your grow room or tent?  The NEW LEVEL HYDRO 2 bucket DWC DRIP system, might be just what your looking for   Our patent pending grow lids, come with a standard 6 inch mesh pot, an upright visual water level meter, and a 90 degree hose fitting which allows the user to connect the system to a nearby sink with the included Venturi pump.  This allows the user to perform water changes with ease.   It is the only Venturi fill/drain system on the market today.  Having upright visual water level meters will make all the difference.  You will be able to see your levels from outside your tent or about 20-30 feet away from your system.  This top also has a opening with cap for easy access to your bucket to add nutrients, take ph samples, etc.  

with this kit you get the following:

2- 5 gallon 90 mil black food grade buckets (pre-drilled for airlines)
2 - venturi 2 outlet water pumps (with pump guard)
2 - NEW LEVEL HYDRO  complete grow lids
1  - two way hose splitter
1 - venturi sink pump
2 - garden hose male - female quick disconnects
8 - rock wool starter cubes
2 - bags of expanded clay grow medium 
4 - drip rings  (we give you 2 extra)
4 - lengths of black air hose